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Stanislav Popkov

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • ma
  • Hyperloop as the Nordic superregion connector. In search of a sustainable urban development strategy
  • Tutor(s): Prof. Andres Alver, Prof. Douglas Gordon

the World as we know it is rapidly heading towards collapse. humanity
urgently needs to change sharply their behavior in terms of how we use
energy, resources, as well as reduce environmental pollution, in order to stay

one possible strategy to do that is to partially substitute physical consumption
with emotional one, which is less harmful to the environment. this can be
done via more efficient cross-use of an existing infrastructure, cultural
landscapes, and living environment. author believes, that by providing better
accessibility and expanding service areas of the important nodes of our living
space, it is possible to reduce environmental impact. unfortunately, currently
we do not have suitable transportation technology to help make that step.

Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, along with St. Petersburg and Riga seem to be
located very densely on a European map. in reality, they are quite separated
by the Baltic sea. in author`s mind, however, these cities have the potential to
form a sustainable urban supercluster in the future. in this thesis, author
focused on an emerging Hyperloop technology, that might be capable of
changing our reality.