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Sigrid Liira

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic design
  • ba
  • Life essayed by device
  • Tutor(s): Maria Muuk
  • Performance on Instagram account @shelleylonddon and installation

We spend an enormous part of our lives in bed. It’s a private and intimate shelter where in between comforting sheets we can be ourselves. The installation “Life Essayed by Device” portrays life experiences of a member of a generation that has grown up with a smartphone on their nightstand. The moment we look at our screens right after opening our eyes in the morning we enter a public space and social environment. Borders between friends and strangers, private and shareable, interesting and boring blur all the more when social media becomes the main medium that forms us. How do our life experiences and traumas affect our social habits and vice versa? Where does the desire to expose ourselves come from? “Life Essayed by Device” is a performance and installation in which the author shares posts about experiences and memories that have shaped her from her bed covered with sheets that depict her life story.

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