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Mikk Oja

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic design
  • ba
  • This is the Moment
  • Tutor(s): Norman Orro
  • videowork, visual essay

The perception of masculinity, femininity and gender roles have been shifting throughout history. Hegemonic understanding of masculinity assumes strong physique, confident demeanour and leadership. Toxic masculinity has a negative impact on our society and its members, including men. To follow standards or to aspire towards them might not allow the expression of male identity, body and sexuality in its possible diversity. By attempting to understand and rethink the existing state

of things, the project “This is the Moment” explores what does being a man mean and what it could mean in today’s world. The work tells three stories of liberation from the strings of raw masculine energy through the topics of mind, look and body, implementing personal and broader narratives. The lost men seek guidance via crystals, adornments, yoga practice, pop music and dancing in order to find themselves in an ecstatic moment, the all-embracing present.

Thanks: Norman Orro, Sandra Nuut,
Lieven Lahaye, Sean Yendrys