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Mihkel Arold

  • Faculty of Design
  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • ba
  • Wireless Body Temperature Sensor for Hospitals
  • Tutor(s): Heikki Zoova


Technology for measuring temperature, data collection and processing
has evolved a lot during the last century, but the routine procedure of
taking body temperature in hospitals has stayed the same. From this, it
is possible to find new ways of making this process more simple, less
wasteful and faster.
After the analysis of different devices for measuring temperature outside
the field of medicine, it is clear that building and manufacturing industries
are more open to innovation and new technologies are tested and used
on an ongoing basis. Thanks to that, there are a wide variety of devices,
sensors and technologies for measuring temperature and data collection
and processing e.g. wireless temperature sensors in smart houses,
infrared cameras for buildings and smartphone controlled heating
systems for homes. It is possible to use these technologies in medicine.
After the analysis of different solutions for measuring temperature in
fields other than medicine, a new system can be developed. It can be
based on current data collection and processing technologies used in
hospitals at the moment.
For this thesis a new conceptual model for the process of taking body
temperature, was created.