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Alexia Kraft de la Saulx

  • Faculty of Design
  • Interaction Design
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  • Kuidas saaksime naiste naudingu seksuaalset uurimist vähem tabuks muuta?
  • Tutor(s): Julia Valle Noronha
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As I embarked on a personal journey of sexual exploration I uncovered a
big issue: female sexual pleasure is still a taboo. The lack of education I had around this topic when growing up made this a complicated journey in my explorations of pleasure.

I want to make female pleasure and desire part of everyday conversations again and help build a critical mind-set towards the narratives around sexuality that we have inherited since our birth.

To do this I created an online educational platform for young women who are just beginning their sexual exploration journey. The website is an external tool that aims to bring back the missing discourse of desire and pleasure and that opens up the space of conversation in the family, with friends and in relationships. I hope that it will help contribute to break the taboos and empower women to take control over their sexual pleasure. 

Landing page website
Masturbation page website
Vulva’s anatomy page website
Final page website