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Maiken Vardja

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Urban Studies
  • ma
  • Urban Landscape Experience of Companion Animals and Their Humans
  • Tutor(s): Helen Sooväli-Sepping
A pop-up sensory garden for companion animals that investigated the interest of citizens – should we include companion animals to urban public spaces and provide enrichment for them
Mapping the current situation in Tartu through an empirical study
Jänese hiking trail – possible location for companion animal-friendly beach
City centre – bringing greenery closer to animals
Annelinn – making homogeneous areas more interesting for companion animals through small topographical forms

In current Estonian urban planning practices, companion animals and their humans are barely considered at all as they have become such an ordinary sight and seem to belong rather to the private sphere of home. However, as cities are not only human habitats and the number of companion animals is constantly increasing, we need to expand our urban compassion footprint and look beyond human-centred design.

The aim of this thesis is to research the current situation of companion animals and their guardians in urban public spaces, identify their needs and then offer solutions about how to better integrate them into the urban environment.