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Kätlin Kummel

  • Faculty of Design
  • Accessory Design and Bookbinding
  • ba

“Smoothie” gloves

Gloves full of fresh vitamins, minerals and many other necessary nutrients that keep the body healthy and strong.
“Smoothie” gloves are inspired by the hard corona period. The gloves have embroideries of various fruits and vegetables.
“Smoothie” gloves are made out of metallic fabric and sewn with pearl thread.
Model: Ly Oper
Makeup, stylist ja photographer: Kätlin Kummel

“Positivity” gloves

On the topic of the course, “How long will you suffer a sad laugh” my goal was to make gloves that would bring positivity and good energy to every day. The idea of ​​the gloves is to create a positive, pleasant and good atmosphere for the wearer. The gloves have embroideries of sincere messages like “Mon chaton”, “Graceful heart”, “Moon in your eyes” and much more. Effect thread and pearls have been used. The gloves are made of goatskin.
Tutor: Juta Mölder
Makeup, hair: Liina Miller
Model: Johanna Kallas
Stylists: Hanna Saagpakk, Katriann Kaasik
Photographers: Marie Sadé, Kätlin Kummel (photo on the grass)

“Rainy lights” gloves

“Rainy lights” gloves are inspired by the reflections of lights you see on the streets, on the roads or on the windows when it is raining even during the day. These drops of water collect colors – reflections from lighting, advertising posters, moonlight and many more. It was as if a rainbow had grown out of these small drops of water.
The gloves are sewn with effect thread, the upper part is easily fastened with press studs. The gloves are made of cow and goatskin.
Tutor: Juta Mölder
Model: Ly Oper
Photographer: Kätlin Kummel

Samba carnival headpiece and gloves

The samba headpiece is like a part of a sensual, sexy and formal character named Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit is someone who always grabs everyone’s attention with simple ease.
She radiates confidence, mystery and excitement. This samba headpiece is made of red felt. The felt is transferred to the constructed metal, additional strengths have been added. The pillar headdress is decorated with various pearls, feathers and crystals, including Swarovski. Jessica Rabbit wouldn’t be Jessica Rabbit if she didn’t wear sexy gloves. Gloves add extravagance to her personality. The red gloves, inspired by Jessica Rabbit, are embroidered with pearls and sewn with effect thread. Gloves are made out of leather-like fabric.
Samba headpiece tutor: Anna Viik Archanjo
Model: Henry Puk
Makeup, stylist ja photographer: Kätlin Kummel