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Kadri Kallaste

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • ma
  • Path of Introspection. Intermediate Use of Kolga Manor
  • Tutor(s): Prof. Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Gregor Taul M.A.
  • Installations

Studies of environmental psychology have proven that historical built environment has a positive impact on mental well-being. Such environment is a good alternative to nature trails and museums. Regarding that a value of relaxation could be added to built heritage. There are numerous abandoned buildings in Estonia, that are used only seasonally. Their properties could however be enjoyed despite low temperatures.

Kadri Kallaste researches on the example of Kolga manor, if and how could historical interiors be kept in use throughout the year with minor interventions. For this purpose an installative path targeting various senses was develped to emphasize the material and immaterial values of a historical space.

Soundinstallation for the breakfast room of Kolga manor
Soundinstallation for the clock room of Kolga manor Nr. 1
Soundinstallation for the clock room of Kolga manor Nr. 2
Soundinstallation for the library of Kolga manor