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Sandra Luks

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  • RUDE - Sandra Luks
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Plain is boring! Bright is too much! Simple is not enough!

I believe we consist of multiple identities and a number of personalities. But often people choose to only show one side of them and hide the other. Or even fake a new face. We should understand that we cannot bury our true selves under a pile of socially acceptable identities forever. We need to learn to take pride in being barefoot before trying to walk in someone else’s 6-inch heels.

There is a difference between keeping things private and keeping them hidden. Influenced by the courage of queer people in 1960s in Harlem and frustrated by the judgement from the privileged and spiteful, I went on to explore the secret-ish underground BDSM scene in NYC. I found a world where inhibitions were erased and opposites merged – like midnight actors in the shape of powerful Wall Street bankers suddenly becoming powerless – a place where shame had no place unless asked for.

I will always advocate taking pride in being exactly who you are if you are not hurting anybody. Your other side you have chosen to hide away and be ashamed of because of the opinions of others, your secret fetish, your unsurfaced beauty is what actually makes you unique and desirable.

Choose to be twisted!
Be so fabulous, that it’s almost rude!

Models: Ann Müürsepp, Siim Soovik
MUAH: Mari-Ly Kapp
Photographer: Sandra Luks