Otsi lõpetajat:

Maria Saveleva

  • Vabade kunstide teaduskond
  • Animatsioon
  • ma
  • Moon
  • Juhendaja(d): -
  • Traditional animation, pencil on paper
  • 2D

Moon flow. Animated music video

  • You Are Not a Kiwi
  • Tutor(s): Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn
  • Traditional animation, watercolor on paper
  • 2D

It’s more than just feathers or a number of fingers…

Mr. Notakiwi wants to join the community. He is different, but doesn’t think about it. However, society is not ready to accept the other and his song, for them he is an unusual bird. They believe that you can only sing in a certain way, as they do. They hurt his feelings.

He tries again to make friends, but it doesn’t work.

Then he commits an act that allows him to become outwardly similar to the others, but doesn’t change his essence.

Are all means good for reaching a goal? For one’s mistakes the other suffers. And if society doesn’t want to accept you, it will always find another reason not to let you in (your color, voice, number of fingers, etc).

A film is about tolerance. Dignity. About whether it is possible to commit a crime for the sake of success.