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Solveig Lill

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • ma
  • In the Nearest Distances
  • Tutor(s): Prof. Liina Siib
  • coloured pencil on paper
  • 772 x 294 cm

The human body consists of around thirty-seven trillion cells. The complicated sequence of biological processes that takes place between them and within them determines every aspect of an organism’s state. We perceive the environment mediated by the cells through the energy they produce. Despite this, people tend to think of themselves as a single whole form, not as a collection of actively living particles.To somehow position oneself with regard to the surrounding world, it is necessary to acknowledge other scales in addition to one’s own comparative size. It is necessary to cast one’s eyes closer as well as further from oneself. It is possible to view the cellular level as a model for larger communities. Communication, conflicts, influence, collaboration and competition between particles have similar parallels on a human as well as a universal level. Instead of picturing the cells in a realistic manner, in the work they are shown through the prism of imagination, illustrating the distance that separates one’s consciousness from the micro-scale of one’s body. The language used for this refers in its richness of detail and nuance to the same properties at the cellular level.