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Raimond Merila

  • Faculty of Art and Culture
  • Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies
  • ma
  • One Piece Manga Fandom as a Participatory Culture: Reddit and YouTube Practices
  • Tutor(s): Katrin Tiidenberg, PhD

This work observes and analyzes participatory fandom practices of the famous Japanese manga titled ”One Piece”. The fan Practices discussed and analyzed are from the online social media platforms YouTube and Reddit.

The work is structured by initially giving some context to the topic, after which the general theoretical framework is established. The practical side consists of two parts, one that explores the fandom practices on Youtube, while the other discusses different practices that are found on Reddit.

The end result shows how the fans of the series (both the manga and anime) participate within their fandom online, how and why these practices allow fans to become important contributors on these platforms, and what is the perceived relationship dynamic between manga/anime fan and author.