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Jarmo Vaik

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • ma
  • Planning of a small shrinking city using the potential of railway in the case of Kiviõli
  • Tutor(s): Toomas Tammis and Tarmo Teedumäe

The master’s thesis deals with the shrinkage of small towns and the resulting problem of demolition of apartment buildings. Finding solutions to improve the urban space of a small shrinking town by applying different strategies on the urban and street scale. The work focuses on the situation of the declining city Kiviõli, where, in addition to emigration and the demolition of buildings, it is important to improve topics that need to be developed, such as the use of the railway’s potential and tourism. The implementation of the three strategies: centralisation, densifying and connection will result in the Kiviõli main street project with six interventions.