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Jan Christoffer Rutström

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • ma
  • I doubt it
  • Tutor(s): Gabriel Nils Edvinsson
  • Medium various
  • Dimensions variable

Jan’s practice is in a declining orbit on the subject of humor. Whether he makes art anymore is something he doubts, and encourages the audience to doubt too. Are these artworks or simply misplaced comedy props? He believes they can be both if the audience simply believes. His approach to production and presentation is one of pragmatic MacGyverism. The themes range from comedy to critique using subversive methods from puns in the titles to visual and auditory gags. He wrote his thesis on the subject of doubt and his found uses for it in his artistic practice.

Documentation of Works

“Gold of the gaps”
“Hair of the dog”
“Hold my beard”
“Art to buy for friends you don’t like”
“Everybody poops, everyone can make art”
“Clap(with reverberation)/simple_music” Documentation video of an Improvised Audio Device (IAD)
“Hunting Focus, Snapping Shutter” – Another documentation video of an IAD
“Side-step critique and repeat” Video version of an otherwise interactive installation.
The audience may stand in the bright light in front of the “step and repeat”
and come up with their own answers to the same questions posed in the video.
This work is completely fictional any likeness to persons or events is purely coincidental.
“What is art? Baby don’t hurt me.” Documentation video example of an installation.
The work asks the audience to answer with texts and/or images what they believe art is.
The responses are hung on the wall next to the Canon A-1 Boardcopier.
The sheets are later copied on the same machine to form a book of all the responses.
“A buzzing of fascina”
Detail of “A buzzing of fascina”

Art or not, below are three images only one of which is art. It is up to the audience to decide which, why, and why the other images aren’t.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3