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Kadi Reintamm

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • ma
  • Tutor(s): Minna Hint
  • Installation, Aquarelle paintings, silkprint, diary, different found objects

I have previously worked with boredom, loneliness and organizing chaos in my art practice. This crisis in spring brought all these issues into daylight, making them more relevant than ever, as isolation was amplifying the feeling of helplessness through repetition. The installation illustrates my personal chaos. Chaos of different roles colliding together. I was unable to solve all the problems in our family and work life, so I was left with endless feeling of “I am not enough”. I started questioning inequality in the society, as I was left with the feeling of deprivation. Strong feelings and deprivation have lead to overall chaos, therefore developing a stronger need to organize the Chaos.

Deprived are the ones who have lost something, that others have, but in the lack of opportunities have difficulties managing the problem they have to deal with. In my thesis “The endless settlement of chaos and deprivation” I search for the reasons how and why have I become deprived and how deprivation and inequality are changing the society.

Gallery view of the installation “I have to cope with it”
Repetition of patterns