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Bernadette Ščasná

  • Faculty of Art and Culture
  • Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies
  • ma
  • "It´s a-Me, Another Bad Review!": Assessing the Perceived Failure of the Video Game Adaptations Based on the Cinematic Adaptations of Super Mario Bros. and Max Payne
  • Tutor(s): Teet Teinemaa, PhD

In this MA thesis, I examine the commercial and economic failure of film adaptations that were based on video games. The thesis consists of two parts, a theoretical part, and an analysis. In the theoretical part, I explain the relationship between the two media (film and video games) and how to analytically approach it through different concepts. In the analysis, I analyze two film adaptations: Super Mario Bros. and Max Payne through the methods of discourse analysis and close textual analysis in order to find the possible causes of their perceived failure.