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Aleksandr Valetto

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Installation and sculpture
  • ba
  • Tutor(s): Taavi Talve ja Taavi Piibemann
  • Sculpture
  • 2350mm x 560mm x 9ps

I have been walking the city streets since I was a child. Straight lines run around. Square concrete masses watching me with their glass eyes. How many of them are there in the world. The philosophy of the city cast in stone. Zero-form architecture, impersonality. It becomes a simple, faceless, and soulless architecture. Avant-garde-born later internationalized architecture that could be found in any country in the world in any environment. Simple gray geometry, four elements:
affected me and my worldview as a whole. The straight lines of the city harassed me, took over me. At first, they developed anger, later addiction, and adoration.