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Karl Martin Kelder

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  • Blight
  • Juhendaja(d): Piret Puppart

To define the future of fashion, we must turn our
attention towards flora, fauna, technology, material
culture and energy resources and look beyond the
human. Shifting fashion from constantly reconstructing
one’s identity through trends to understanding fashion
as a form of critical thinking and conceptualizing,
defining and contesting the limits of the human and
Blight tests posthumanist theory and postanthropocentric
ideas as a means of decentring
the human, in hopes of rethinking what fashion
can mean. This collection explores seven different
branches of posthumanistic theory: antihumanism,
cultural posthumanism, philosophical posthumanism,
posthuman condition, transhumanism, AI takeover
and voluntary human extinction.

From commercial fashioning to fashioning the human.

The silhouettes used aim to decenter and
distort the human body, referencing transhumanism
and antihumanism. The synthetic materials and
plastics are used to portray the carelessness and
anthropocentrism of the human race. The medical
refrences try to question the human condition,
challenging typical notions of “human nature”.

Fotograaf: Elisabeth Kužovnik
Modellid: Christopher Lilleorg, Jette Loona Hermanis