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Liis-Marleen Verilaskja

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Graphic Art
  • ba
  • Cielle
  • Tutor(s): Maria Erikson
  • Woodcut
  • Print 79 x 51 cm

“Cielle” is inspired by my experience of seeing dreams. The body of work consists of a series of woodcuts that I carved following the principles of reductive woodcut technique. In my own home I created four woodcut plates from which I printed 110 impressions.

“Cielle”, woodcut

Each plate represents a narrative from one of my dreams. In installation, the flowy printed sheets become one big collection of dreams that resembles a fog. This piece is a parallel to the fluid nature of seeing and remembering dreams, but also a hint of wandering in the “fog.” With this work I seek to convey my dreams into a physical experience in the exhibition space.

Detail view of prints
Detail view of prints

Only by stepping closer it is possible to delve deeper and begin to see what lies in the depicted dreams, their recurring motifs and their meanings. Seeing and experiencing dreams is an important part of my life, and I believe that dreams reflect a person’s mental state and subconscious. In their cryptography, dreams leave enough room for interpretation, which I use for self-analysis

The title “Cielle” comes from one of my repeating dreams, where I always name my newborn son Cielle. I saw this dream again right before starting working on my thesis project. I thought it would be an appropriate title for my artwork as I interpret seeing childbirth in a dream as a starting point of a new project. 

Detail of a print
Detail of a print
Video of installation
Cut out pieces of wood and plate
Detail of plate and prints
Plate and prints
Video documentation of the printing process