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Karl-Christoph Rebane

  • Faculty of Design
  • Fashion Design
  • ba
  • The Significant Other
  • Tutor(s): Piret Puppart

Photos: Sandra Luks
MUA: Anne Liis Puhk
Models: Mattias Orgmets, Fenelle Pajumets


Can we reach freedom throughout deconstruction – breaking apart the concept of love, trust, power, gender and sexuality? Is it possible to water love, that has wilted small enough to slip through the ring on your finger, back to life? The significant other does not equal a sexual partner, although it can be the one who you will delete all your apps for, but it could also be anyone who you find to be of significance.

Through this collection, I am trying to figure out why do we keep on
skipping through emotions like a Spotify playlist, why do we keep on
denying ourselves love, yet keep on feeding negative emotions about not feeling loved.

I am trying to figure out what does it mean to be in-between hyper
femininity and hyper masculinity – embracing the qualities of both sides of the spectrum without compromising one another, what does it mean to be in the middle.This collection is a symbiosis between poetry and fashion, co-existing with the self-published poetrybook ‘‘TE-MA’’.

Fashion reflecting the poetry reflecting the overall experience.


-used barberschool hair dummies melted into a new take on faux leather
-snake sheds repurposed to create cruelty free leather
-beach sanded glass shards for embroidery
-melted bottle necks as earrings
-silk scraps and beads from local bridal wear designers
-traceable yarns (from self sourced wool, locally spun and self dyed)
-scraps of leather from furniture companies