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Georg Kaasik

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Painting
  • ba
  • Choice?
  • Tutor(s): Kristi Kongi, Jaan Toomik
  • Oil paintings

This is an illustration of two social choices in an amplified and overdramatic fictional world. One of the paintings is called „Low“, which may visualize a world of someone who has either chosen or because of some circumstances taken a lower road according to public or personal opinion. This road makes you stand for yourself and leaves you alone, dealing with your difficulties and own thoughts yourself. Sometimes such choices can be made by yourself to prevent something unpleasant or just for the sake of better. The other painting, called „The Portrait of Karma“, might illustrate on the same principles an opposite of low – a world of someone important with a very responsible position according to public or personal opinion. This is a very tense and anxious world, where any wrong decision towards  others might later cost you your position and image. You always have to be careful and constantly on your guard. This might be your own choice, but sometimes it can also be a pressured choice due some circumstances. If these two drastic roads would ever be choices, then which one would be a better choice?   

“Low” oil on canvas 120 x 120 cm
Close-up view – figure with a light as its head
Close-up view – floating architecture and a factory chimney in the distance
Close-up view – trash bag
“The Portrait of Karma” Oil on canvas 150 x 85 cm
Close-up view – laughing figure
Close-up view – visible half of balance scales
Close-up view – metallic industrial tanks in the distance