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Elisabeth Juusu

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic design
  • ba
  • Macropsia
  • Tutor(s): Sean Yendrys
  • 360-degree virtual reality video

A few years ago I stumbled upon a Youtube video that introduced rare syndromes. I discovered that I often experience a condition called Alice in Wonderland syndrome. This visual phenomenon can occur either as macropsia or micropsia. Macropsia is a form of the syndrome in which objects seem larger and closer than they really are, whereas – micropsia makes objects appear smaller and distant. The syndrome also affects other senses such as hearing sounds that are intensified and start to echo. Symptoms also include loss of limb control and coordination. 

Generally there are only descriptions and visual experiments in image, video- or text format to express such states of mind. To take a step closer to the experience I have created a 360-degree virtual reality environment. Through thise video piece, the viewer experiences my interpretation of macropsia, in which both feelings and perceptible events are visualized.


– Please use headphones to watch the video.

– If possible, watch the video with a VR headset.

– If VR isn’t possible, watch it through Youtube on your phone or tablet for a better sense of moving around in the environment.

Thanks: Sean Yendrys, Henry Peet, Joonas Timmi, Martin Juusu